Monday, July 22, 2013


A year or so ago I found this spoon rack for a couple of dollars at Treasure City. 

Just the purchase of the rack caused me to start rummaging through drawers and cabinets that contained any small spoon that looked like silver. From the tarnished spoons on the middle and bottom rows, you can see that I have some silver or at least silver-plate spoons.

The top row of coffee/teaspoons are of questionable composition, but they are all from the Bucherer watch company. My former travel guide/hub picked these souvenirs up on his jaunts through Switzerland back in the 1970's. Each little spoon is stamped with the city of origin in Switzerland, so we have a variety. I never noticed that until I got them out for display.

I see one or two non- teaspoons. Can you find them?

Now there are 30 more little cultural relics on display in our dining room!

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