Saturday, December 29, 2012

Minnesota Sewing Machine Model H

This was my Grandmother's sewing machine. She received it from my Great-Aunt Stella.

Although I haven't done much with it while I have had it, surely the next owner will find out more about it.

We have more old sewing machines, so this beautiful one (do not mind the poor photography) was just hiding under an old TV and video player. And collecting bedroom dust!

As my niece E. was named after my Mammaw, I have asked her if she wants this family treasure for her new home. If it is the model H from 1900, then she will have a genuine antique. Even if it were made in the 1910's, this is an antique family heirloom.

E., when you have had enough of this sewing machine, pass it on to a family member. Since Mammaw had nine children, those of us down here in Louisiana do not have many keepsakes from that side of the family.

Actually we have even less from the other side!

Ah, well

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