Thursday, December 27, 2012

Snuffer Scissors

Blowing out a lighted candle can be disastrous to your carpet. How many times have I blown liquid wax onto the table or even floor? You would have thought that I would have learned.

That was before I bought candle snuffers. Most everyone knows the cone shaped candle snuffer, but below is a scissors model that I found at a second hand shop in The Netherlands many years ago. That was back when my spending budget was 2,50 guilders (comma is correct), so this little pair of brass snuffer scissors were cheap. I am sure they are worth more today. I just found a similar one on Etsy for $17.50.

According to :
Candle snuffers were a scissors like device that was used to snip off the ends of the wick, and they often had some specific features a regular scissors or snips did not. Many candle snuffers would have an enlarged lip on one of the blade used to catch the cut off pieces of wick so they would not risk dropping a smoldering piece of wick on something that could potentially catch fire. Most candle snuffers were also made somewhat ornately, and would be put in a place of display when not in use. As such, they would also either have a special stand, or even small legs incorporated in to the body of the snuffer so they did not have to be placed directly on a surface, risking soiling nice linens.

Here is my little treasure:

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