Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unpacking the Museum

We spent two days in the heat (December and 80F) unpacking, cutting tape, smushing wrapping paper into gigantic black bags, prying open wooden boxes, and ripping off plastic bubble wrap. And we are still not finished unpacking the shipment.

Today we pried open the wooden box around the grandfather clock and found it was actually not as heavy or as scary as we thought it would be. But there are still wooden boxes and a few heavy cabinets that are still resting in the garage waiting for a final resting place in the house.

The two display areas are the kitchen and dining room tables. They are packed! The dishwasher has worked overtime cleaning up the glassware and some new pasta bowls. The real crystal will get a hand scrub another day.

Now I wonder what happened to that huge plastic container of dishwasher powder I thought we included in the shipment? Haven't found it yet!

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