Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Three Vases

These three vases sat on my mother-in-law's china cabinet for as long as I can remember. Actually they were there before I joined the family in 1980.

When we read in my in-laws' codocil that my sister-in-law had inherited the cabinet, we did not think too much about the vases. They "went" with the cabinet.

But my sister-in-law had other ideas. Before the movers came to pack up for the transfer of goods to Wetcreek, she told us to take the vases. But they "go" with the cabinet!

The three vases are probably of Japanese origin (from the footmark) and are a little sad. Only one of the side vases seems to be undamaged. The other two have been glued and reglued so many times that I was afraid to even wash off the years of dust.

The middle one with the cap lost its little lion figurine many ages ago, and the cap is staying together by some strange glue. But they are a lovely design of red and blue with hints of gold and green and white. They almost look like a Japanese quilt top, although I am sure the person who made this never had that in mind.

As we do not have a china cabinet like the one they governed for ages, we will still find a suitable and respectable place for them to be displayed. Filled with sand to guarantee that they don't tip so easily, they will sit on our coffee table waiting to be moved for yet another time.

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