Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blue and White Tealight

There was a time that I could not resist buying tea warmers or tealights. I have a large collection of glass Verkade tea warmers and some others that are made of other materials. I even have a few that need polishing :((((

But the one below was my mother-in-law's that I rescued from the trash. You decide if it was worth it. Oma used some strange glue to keep it together. And I found the little candle holder somewhere in a drawer. No maker's marks, so I have no idea how old it is and who made it. I think I remember a teapot precariously perching on the top.

See the little uneven glue job.

Chipped and all, the old scene and hearts are charming.

I know I have seen these exes somewhere before.

The candle holder on its own is a keeper.

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