Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Privacy or Plant Screen at Het Graalhuis

My favorite thrift shop in The Netherlands is located next to the Catholic church in Zoeterwoude. It is called "Het Graalhuis" and opened for business during the 17 years we lived in Zoeterwoude (the home of Heineken beer). 

They specialize in the following:

huishoudartikelen (household articles)
meubelen (furniture)
speelgoed (toys)
decoratie (decorations)
schilderijen (paintings)
potten/vazen (pots and vases)
boeken (books)
kleding (clothes)
kerstartikelen (Christmas articles)

Treasures locked behind glass. You will not even believe the low prices.

Christmas offerings upstairs in the attic.

A glass collector's heaven!

These prices say it all. 30 - 60 cents!

My favorite time to visit Het Graalhuis was on Saturday mornings while my guys were still sleeping. The charity shop was also open for a couple of hours on Tuesday afternoon, but as I taught school I could rarely make it there before they closed.

Over the years, we (my son and I) spent a few cents in that shop. 

The plant screen below is an example of one of my purchases. I never used it to shade indoor plants from the sun, but it always has had a place in a sunny window.

Dutch girl and windmill on lace. 
Typisch Nederlands!


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  1. Hi Linda,
    I am in love with your plant screen. I had never seen or heard of one before. I will be featuring your lovely screen at this week's post. Hope you can join our party again.

    Paula, your newest follower