Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Mom's Sewing Treasures

Yesterday at my mom's house, she and I (mostly I) rummaged through the drawers of her century old sewing machine. Here is what we found:

This is a needle holder. Patent 1929. Boye

The reveal.

With needle contents


Probably not used in well over 50 years!

Attachments found in a bag. Wonder what the key opens?

Greist Tucker. I am still searching the Internet for one like this one.

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  1. ha nice is your cabinet. It is the same!! Love the litle place he takes and i have the television in it.
    My room isn,t so bic and this is a nice solucion. My english is verry bad but i think you understand it whit a little bit of imatination hahahaha
    happy evening