Monday, December 16, 2013

One More Garland

Last week while decorating my mom's tree, she mentioned that she wanted a new garland for her fireplace mantel. 

So while we were out for her doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon, we stopped off at a local garden center to see what was left in their sale items. You guessed it! Not one, but two garlands! She chose the one with colored lights to match her "vintage Christmas tree," and we came home with the clear lights (Hub's favorite!).

As our mantel was already decorated with a similar garland, I looked for another suitable place to decorate. And I found it here in our hallway:

But it looked rather bare, so I added these cuties:

This bearded fellow is pure Scandinavian bought years ago at a Christmas Fair in Europe.

Isn't she sweet and so simple? Let's get another view. 
And another. 
Must have bought that in Europe, too.

What an angel!

This cutie has been in my Christmas collection for over 30 years. Still see the glued on arms!

Must be a collectable!

A "real" vintage nutcracker and a stuffed Santa.

Now to get these back up to the "box room."

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  1. ooh wat gezellig! Jou nederlands is veeeeel beter dan mijn engels hahahaha uuh Your netherlands is mutch better than my english! Nice verzameling you have ! here our house is full! hihihi every day i make some decoration and now it is finised. i think hahaha
    Happy week