Sunday, January 20, 2013

Brocante Finds Displayed

Every museum has to have a display case (etagere). We have one of those.

A couple of years ago, we bought this display cabinet at Ikea. For a long time we had a really neat showcase of my hub's toy automobile collection. Much to our son's chagrin, my hub was the only one to ever play with these miniature vehicles. But I enjoyed cleaning them and Googling to find their worth. Not a fortune, but quite interesting!

When the furniture "musical chairs" happened a month ago, we had to move the narrow, heavy glass display box closer to the stairs. I unloaded the shelves and stored the cars back upstairs, and then we shifted the case a few feet along the wall. Now it shares space with our inherited mirror and the "who knows what this is?" bench.

Today I dusted the glass and put up a new showcase. My Mammaw C. would call this collection Knick Knacks. My mom and sister-in-law call it Junk. I call it part of my Brocante collection. Now which sounds the best description to you? If you have to look up Brocante, then you probably don't even care about my Stuff.

In this display, I tried to use real Thrift Shop finds. Maybe a few family treasures sneaked in, but they were probably rescued from the Flea Markets in Europe anyway. Notice that I used real lead crystal (15 cents at the Thrift Shop) and pressed glass candle sticks to display brass, glass, hand-painted tins, and blue/white pottery.

One of my favorite pieces is the amber tealight on the second shelf from the top. I bought that for a pittance at a Charity Shop in England the time the three of us spent the week on a narrowboat. My hub and son never even entered the shop, but it was great!

Think I will swap Brocante finds in this spotlight area the next few months. Does that mean I will be the curator? :)

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