Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Desert Rose by Franciscan

One of the first things I bought back in my $5,000 a year salary days was my own china.

I chose a very popular Desert Rose pattern from Franciscan and began collecting. I remember going to a local jewelry store to replace a broken cup and being told that I would have to buy more than one cup. The saleslady said, "We can not break a set. You will have to buy more than one cup!" Needless to say, I did not buy anything from her.

Over the next 40 years, I added to my service and even bought a complete set made in China. It isn't as crisp and detailed as the original, but now we have more than enough to set a nice table with the most popular china service of all times.

All of our Desert Rose china was "hand carried" from the US to Europe by me and my parents during many trips across the big puddle. In 2006 the entire set was transported back to the US by freight on board a huge ship.

Twenty years ago I started picking up Villeroy and Boch Wild Rose china that almost matches my Desert Rose. The German service has several pieces that are not available in the Desert Rose pattern. Plus Metlach, Germany and the Outlet Store for Villeroy and Boch sometimes just happens to be on our vacation route :)))))

Here is a photo of a cereal bowl filled with my oven polenta and crawfish, shrimp, ham, and okra gumbo dinner. Yummy!


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