Friday, January 4, 2013

"de Eindhoeve" Gable Sign

Our old Dutch farmhouse in Zoeterwoude had wooden planks to decorate the gables and also "geveltekens" (gable signs).

Usually gable signs are wooden planks shaped with several stylized symbols, which can be anything from a life tree, cross, anchor, heart, a sun wheel, two rampant horses, or two swans. (Ours was a flower and a cut out heart.)These gable signs are mounted vertically onto the ridge of the house at the front and the back gables. The symbols are believed to either invoke prosperity or to ward off misfortune.

Back years ago when we had our wind planks replaced and painted, we had our gable signs replaced, too. Actually the front of our house at one time was lower than the back, so the house just had one gable sign (the back one). Now it has one on the front and one on the back!

What you see below is the rescued original gable sign from our farmhouse "de Eindhoeve" ( the end farm or last farm on the road). It now has a special dry spot in the corner of our hallway.

Above: Back of house 2006
Above: Look carefully, front of house (actually barn by chimney) 1924!!!

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