Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Dust Catchers

"Too much to keep dusted!" That is what a Dutch woman we interviewed to be our housekeeper said. Later on she saw me while shopping and reminded me that we had too much clutter. She did not want our job, and we did not want her. Now I "dust" whenever I feel like it.

Here is some of my clutter on an old brick mold in our mudroom hallway.

About five years ago, my in-laws gave us this heavy brick mold made of wood. It had just missed our shipment of household goods to the States, but we brought it home anyway. I think it actually fit in a suitcase! Some of the knick knacks are original to their home, but most are things I have gathered over the years of "gathering." (I really like that word instead of junking, don't you?)

Beginning at the bottom first. No Louisiana shelf would be complete without an armadillo. This one says Texas Turkey, but nothing like that will be on my Thanksgiving menu. Then comes Delft Blue klompen and a pelican ( probably Floridian).
A better shot of the shoes that Americans pay big bucks for when they visit The Netherlands.

We see lots of rabbits here on our property. I found the mamma and baby rabbit on a throwaway shelf at a local thrift store. The one on the right was another 10 cents give away at my mom's church bazaar. Then a Dutch souvenir cup and saucer, and the most valuable is the Wade of England goose. Those Wade animals are easily worth a couple of dollars to avid collectors.

This miniature coffee mill, the Evil monkeys (speak no evil, see no evil, hear no evil) and jumping German urchin (Duesseldorfer Radschlaeger) were on the shelf in Deventer. My mom added the little Dutch boy figurine when I added the real little Dutch-American boy to our family almost 30 years ago.

The Hazy Days (Hallmark Limited Edition 1249 of 5000) was a gift. Then there is Brussels' famous Manneken Pis, Dutch blue/white windmill, and a lovely metal pitcher.

All of these objects (mini-perfume bottle, metal pot, and telephone were original on this shelf at the Beltway Apartment.

 I just loved this rustic blue/white clay vase from the moment I saw it. Another coffee grinder, but this time in blue/white. We picked up the Greek vase on our February vacation to Greece. And this Louisiana pelican was a thrifty from Mom's church bazaar.

As most fragile objects from my MIL's home, there are a couple of missing edges. But this sweet set has been spending time on this shelf for many years both here in the US and in The Netherlands.
And then there is the blue/white pot to keep it company.

Finally at the top of the shelf is my Ganesha, which was a gift from a very special 7th grader from India. This little figure protects our home and has either been here or on our bookshelf since I received it back in the 1990's. (more on Ganesha at another time)

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