Sunday, December 22, 2013

Have I the Real Spirit of Christmas ? -anno 1938


    Christmas, you know, is the holiday that everyone celebrates in some way. One person might celebrate it one way, while another celebrates it entirely differently. Some people lose the real idea of Christmas in the maze of parties and gaieties they attend and give during the holidays.
     The idea of gifts at Christmas was originated when the three Wise Men brought gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh to the Christ Child. They gave these to Him, thinking that He would benefit by them. Through centuries and generations this thought has come down to us. We help those who need help, and in doing so we make ourselves happy.
      The celebration of Christmas is stressed in every country for the same reason, but is different in some way in each. Still the spirit is the same.
       During this whole holiday season ask yourself this question: "Have I the real spirit of Christmas?"

(By C. -Editor Chapman)

On Facebook yesterday, my dear brother published this piece written by my dad when he was the editor of the sophomore journal publication in January 1939. I took the liberty to transcribe it above for easier reading. [As a side note, Daddy's father (our grandfather) passed away on December 24, 1940.]

Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy 2014! Hugs, Linda

Monday, December 16, 2013

One More Garland

Last week while decorating my mom's tree, she mentioned that she wanted a new garland for her fireplace mantel. 

So while we were out for her doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon, we stopped off at a local garden center to see what was left in their sale items. You guessed it! Not one, but two garlands! She chose the one with colored lights to match her "vintage Christmas tree," and we came home with the clear lights (Hub's favorite!).

As our mantel was already decorated with a similar garland, I looked for another suitable place to decorate. And I found it here in our hallway:

But it looked rather bare, so I added these cuties:

This bearded fellow is pure Scandinavian bought years ago at a Christmas Fair in Europe.

Isn't she sweet and so simple? Let's get another view. 
And another. 
Must have bought that in Europe, too.

What an angel!

This cutie has been in my Christmas collection for over 30 years. Still see the glued on arms!

Must be a collectable!

A "real" vintage nutcracker and a stuffed Santa.

Now to get these back up to the "box room."

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Simple is Better

This beautiful mirror graced my in-laws' foyers for many years. It was always flanked by sconce-type lamps. We left off the lights, and this cutie shines on its own.

You can see it in the background of this following photo:

Speaking of this photo, my thrifted dry bouquet (free from our front yard) looks great in a 33 year old white Delft vase on top of 40 year old white American pedestal cake plates.

Think I like it better on top of the pedestal cake plates, don't you?

And here are close-ups of the seed pods.

Monday, December 9, 2013

The Holidays are Here At Wetcreek

The first Christmas for our new fireplace mantel.
I am still happy that I thrifted that lighted garland a couple of years ago.

The start of a collection? Maybe ;)

Simple, but blingy.

Wish I had the real gong "hammer." The vanity set is a family heirloom, though.

Mr. Snowman does "smoke" a really stinky incense. He is in charge of these "nutty" crackers.


What an angel! More a Prima Donna than a Prim Doll.

Oops! Wrong house! These were some guests at our son's 30th birthday party on Saturday night. 

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Primitive Rag Dolls 2

Remember those really cute primitive dolls I found a couple of months ago? 

Well, I went back to the same shop and found these three dolls:

 Bought for only $1.25.
Don't you just love the Spanish moss hairdo?

Barefoot tootsies.

What an angel!

Old quilt wings.

Bought for $1.00.
Thumb sucker.

Love the rattle.

Back of the jammies.

Simple head.

Bought for $1.25.


Corkscrew curls

Glued in legs means not really old.

Painted Mary Janes

<3 the mouth. Sweet!

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

My Mom's Sewing Treasures

Yesterday at my mom's house, she and I (mostly I) rummaged through the drawers of her century old sewing machine. Here is what we found:

This is a needle holder. Patent 1929. Boye

The reveal.

With needle contents


Probably not used in well over 50 years!

Attachments found in a bag. Wonder what the key opens?

Greist Tucker. I am still searching the Internet for one like this one.