Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Geo. Z. Lefton Kissing Angels and My Heart Art

This is my latest Wetcreek Designs creation. It is definitely a thrifty craft, since it is a start to finish charity shop product and cost was 60 cents and 20 minutes of my time. Check out my Wetcreek Blog http://wetcreek.blogspot.com for a few more details.

Speaking of thrifts, I found these Lefton kissing angels at GW yesterday for 50 cents. Does this imply the beginning of a new collection. Oh dear!!!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Traditional Dutch Dress

The first time I saw these clever "klederdracht" tiles was at the Winter Bazaar of the American Women's Club of The Hague, The Netherlands.  As I was a collector of authentic Dutch traditional costumes and more, these tiles really intrigued me. In other words, I wanted a few.

Since my favorite Dutch village with traditional native dress is Staphorst, I purchased these two cuties.

We also visited Spakenburg a few times, so this couple joined the other two.

The artist has expanded her collection to not only Dutch traditional costumes, but also German and other countries. Plus I noticed on her website that she makes lovely tile tableaux. If you are interested, here is more info about her work.


Frouwien Soenveld
Atelier”‘het blauwe hek”
Bernhardstraat 10 a
6707 Cm Wageningen
tel 0317-415637

In the meantime, our Dutch cuties are on display in Wetcreek Museum ;)

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