Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympic Winter Games, 1936 Picture Postcard

If you read my Wetcreek Blog back in September 2013, you saw this great old photo postcard of my great in-laws as spectators at the Winter Olympics in 1936 in Garmish.

As the Winter Olympics 2014 are in full swing, I thought I would include the postcard in our Wetcreek Museum Blog today.

See if you can find Oma and Opa (three rows from the top, sort of right center, wearing regular winter hats --not berets).

Note:  My 50th Wetcreek Museum post!!!!
AND Dutch are doing well so far in Sochi!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Laundry Room Gallery

The areas above and behind our utility sink in the washroom were left bare when we built our house seven years ago. A couple of years ago, a tile setter put in the backsplash with some of our leftover bathroom tiles. But still there was something missing. A shelf and towel rack. I had one! Bought many moons ago for practically nothing and still safe in my collection of "maybe will come in handy/too cheap to leave it in the store."

After fiddling and faddling, my husband installed the shelf. Perfect fit! And now I plan to use it. Maybe not for hanging wet towels, but as a little art/junk display area. My latest Heart Art has found a place there, too. 

Looks useful with the dust cloths, doesn't it?

Glassware found behind my neighbor's house. She gave these to me, and I finally got around to extracting all the mud. Think her husband had found them behind old deserted homes in our area.

Old Dr. Pepper bottle. Can you believe my Dutch hub likes Dr. Pepper?

Look carefully! This is an old RC (Royal Crown Cola) bottle. Wonder how many Moon Pies were eaten with this cola?

French's mustard jar. I threw away the rusty, crusty lid (oops!), and there is a huge chip on the F.

My favorite Dutch hand crocheted window treatments. Bought many, many years ago for a pittance at the Catholic charity shop in Zoeterwoude, The Netherlands. More old bottles and ball jar lids from my collection.

(By the way, I like to party with the following: