Saturday, February 8, 2014

Olympic Winter Games, 1936 Picture Postcard

If you read my Wetcreek Blog back in September 2013, you saw this great old photo postcard of my great in-laws as spectators at the Winter Olympics in 1936 in Garmish.

As the Winter Olympics 2014 are in full swing, I thought I would include the postcard in our Wetcreek Museum Blog today.

See if you can find Oma and Opa (three rows from the top, sort of right center, wearing regular winter hats --not berets).

Note:  My 50th Wetcreek Museum post!!!!
AND Dutch are doing well so far in Sochi!


  1. Prachtige prent!
    Fijne zondag,

  2. So cool to have an old photo of grandparents attending an Olympic event. Just saw the Dutch king and queen cheering on the speed skaters.

  3. They were courageous to sit outside in this cold weather