Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Another Auction Viewing

Although we are not planning to buy any furniture for the Beltway Apartment until we are finished with the remodeling, we are still looking at auctions and such in case we see something interesting. 

I did not take many photos at the Atlas Auction House ( preview in Deventer, since their own photos are probably copyrighted and much better than my photography.

I like the cabinet on the left of the photo. The right cabinet is beautifully painted, but not my style.

As Dutch as you can get. Windmills on blue and white.

I really like this secretary with the different wood finishes. 


  1. After your comment on my blog, I came to see you! Oh, my! What a great shop! Were these really all donated pieces of furniture?????

  2. Oh. I went back and reread this post. (I guess I was getting it mixed up with your explanation of how the garbage pickup arrangements had affected the thrift stores in your area.) It makes more sense that these photos are from an auction house! I need to read more carefully.