Saturday, October 12, 2013

No Smoking!

We are back in the Beltway Apartment. Yesterday we stopped by our favorite auction house to pick up our Deventer carpet that we bought online a month ago. My hub lugged it into the livingroom, but we haven't unfolded it yet to see what we really purchased. We will do that today or tomorrow when we have time.

Last evening after our first full day back here in Nederland (the whole day in the pouring rain ), my hub slept in his trusty Jysk recliner while I sat in mine in front of our small tv and browsed on my iPad the online catalogue for the next auction.

And guess what I found in the catalogue! An identical twin of our tobacco pot.

Antique 19th century oak tobacco pot decorated with Chinese copper trimmings. 17 centimeters tall.

But no tobacco is allowed in our pot back home. It is only "for the show."

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