Saturday, October 26, 2013

Terre des Hommes Thrifting

If you read my Wetcreek Blog, you know that we are staying in our Beltway Apartment at the moment. In order to get away from the dust and stuff of our remodeling, I walked to the local Terre des Hommes shop to browse. 

A recent article in the local paper explained how the new garbage pick up charges had changed the charity and recycle shops' intake of donated items. Instead of residents of the community paying to throw away unwanted items or clothing, they now donate them to local thrift shops. 

The Terre des Hommes shop that I visited is so small that if someone donates furniture, that furniture is then donated to an even larger thrift shop in town. That way not many donations are going to the dump. And the sale of recycled items is on the rise. More and more people are "thrifting."

Whenever I visit this kind of charity shop, I am on the lookout for vintage items. I did see some DPS scarves with the care facility laundry labels still glued on. There is virtually no way to remove those labels, and who wants to wear another person's still labeled with their name scarf?

But I did find a few "bargains." In this apartment we needed an oven casserole dish. For Pyrex collectors, I found a Borcam (Turkish made) clear casserole dish without the lid for 75 Euro cents. It is in perfect condition. I would show a photo of it, but I am presently "packed in" our spare bedroom while the painters are painting the living, kitchen, and foyer. And the casserole dish is in the dishwasher.

I also found two spools of Durable Vissersgaren (durable fisher's yarn/thread) that were Made in Holland.

Price: 25 cents

And a vintage cotton tea towel.

Price: 25 cents

Since I was alone, I could search to my heart's content, too. ;)

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