Saturday, October 19, 2013

Brocante Market in Deventer

Today my hub and I walked into the center of the city to visit the Brocante Market. 

My grandmother C would have called it all "knick knacks" but I think I heard my hub say "a lot of junk." He even said, "We could bring our whole house contents here and maybe sell it." I think that was why I looked, but there wasn't much there that isn't already tucked away somewhere in our home back in the US.

Here are a few photos of the stalls of "goods" (or "bads") :((((

Green wooden stools were popular, as were green toothbrushes, green glass jars, and even a green wooden doorknob.

Some enamelware and other bric-a-brac.

Too much stuff to appreciate!

Interesting displays. Maybe I should have asked before shooting.

North American and Scandanavian school maps plus lots of blue and white dishes.

Now I know what to do with my collection of embroidery hoops and doilies.

We said goodbye to this relaxing brown bear.

And this is all we bought--a 10 Euro metal watering can. (That may or may not fit into our suitcase to take back home.)


  1. that is one fantastic watering can! try to take it on as hand luggage, tell them it's an antique! love the doilies in hoops, an inspired idea. and,had i been there i would have been buying all the green stuff too-my favourite hue x

    1. You gave my hub a good laugh about the watering can. He forgets that I carried a weed trimmer through customs as hand baggage back in the 1990's. Linda